In this do-it-yourself culture, where a website can be made by anyone with those annoying can-do attitudes, yours has to stand out. Quality, creative, and professional Flash/CSS/JS designs are the keys to making a lasting impression—the good kind that is. That’s where Strillogy comes into play. Founded in 2000 by Lowell Oswald Jr., Strillogy Productions will help you develop an affordable website that’s as unique and innovative as your company and its products. We realize these are only words, so, take a gander at our work!

Our Promise

It’s simple. A unique business like yours needs unique solutions. Our promise is to always find the most creative and professional solutions for your business in a manner that’s as painless as possible. We’re not going to just be “creative for the sake of being creative”. We’re going to develop a site that’s tailor-made for your one-of-a-kind business.

People Pleasers

We’re not only unique in our creative products and wide scope of services, but in the way we work with our clients. We’re huge people pleasers, it’s kind of pathetic, we know. But that means we’ll come directly to your home or office to work with you on a project. We can even do freelance work “in house” if needed. Though we have many local clients, our customers can be found all around the country—we’ve even managed and produced entire projects online.

Busy Schedule?

What if you just don’t have time in your busy schedule? We can help! At Strillogy Productions, we don’t restrict ourselves to “Big Brother’s” standard business hours. If you’re too busy during the day, we’ll work with you at night. If you’re not free during the week, we’ll arrange to work with you on the weekends. Our lack of social lives can be used to your advantage.

Lasting Impressions

A positive lasting impression is the key to return business, and well, you know how vital return business is. However, creating that lasting impression you want is no easy task, especially considering that most consumers make a yes or no decision about your business within seconds of seeing your marketing “look”. With that in mind, our number one priority is to make sure every aspect of your design will leave that indelible mark you desire.

WordPress Websites

For those of you who don’t have the time or the money to constantly be hiring those booger-eating programmers to work on you site, may we suggest a WordPress website. It’s CMS based, for you laymen, that means the site can be easily maintained by anybody with a keyboard. The bottom line is that you’ll save a considerable amount of time, maintenance, and money on a site that, on a professional level, can stand up to any other website out there.

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